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10 February 2011 @ 08:32 pm
Life has been pretty neat of late.  Some ups and downs.

I've been trying to date and it's a lot tougher than I thought it would be.  Mostly because I seem to have a hard time sharing my time with someone.  I'll have a good time on the date and then I'll get weirded out because this person actually wants to see me again (and soon).  I guess I'm just not used to being "chased" because in the past I've always felt like I was the aggressor.  Anyhow, it's been a good growing experience for me.  Kinda almost dating a guy right now but again, I just feel like I want to have more time to myself.  Maybe it's a sign it's not meant to be?  Or maybe it's just me sabotaging a potentially good thing.  Meh - y'all make it look so easy out there, married fellas.

I got a new computer.  I went ahead and let go of my PC - thanks to Chris for selling it to me for almost nothing a while back.  It really got me through some tough times until I was ready for the big move to an iMac.  Yup, I'm all Apple now: phone, pad, tv, and computer.  I even have the time capsule/router.  Before you click on that "comment" button and make some apple-loving statement, perhaps you can just skip that part and smile for me, ok?  heheh - I'm not ready to be that Apple guy.  I'm just gonna be that PC guy who really digs his new Apple a whole lot.  Maybe I'll be that Apple guy down the road.  I did pick up a neat MIDI keyboard so I can fool around with Garage Band. I'm also in the process of moving and backing up a lot of music with a couple of Hitachi G-Drives.  The iMac didn't really like my old NTSF drive even with a driver so it could read & write to it.  Then the old drive started acting odd (seagate) so I just decided to ditch it and go to two Hitachi's instead (one 1TB and the other 2TB).  That should keep me more that solid for a long while to come.

At the moment I'm digging through my old harddrives via a USB drive shell so I can find my old Turbo Tax files (and anything else I might wanna keep from the old system).  Loving this quiet Thursday night to myself.

This weekend I'm going to spend time with my family and then I'll head to LA to see a production of Spring Awakening.  It's my 8th time to see it performed.  This time it's being done with non-union actors so we'll see how the caliber of the performances ends up being.  It's at the Pantages though so hopefully it won't suck.

So how's that for an update, eh?  Not too bad!

I've just been in a mood to check in on here lately.  Maybe I'll do more of it!
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06 January 2011 @ 06:37 pm
Hey there folks.  Just wanted to say that I do check in here on LJ now and again but my posts are getting fewer and farther between.  I feel like I'm falling out of touch with some of y'all and I don't much like that.  But it's time to just give in and realize that LJ isn't my go-to place to share what's going on with me (for now).

If you wanna find me though... I'm still out there making cyber weeds grow:

411 (bleh, I know): BriBear619
Flickr: (personal photos and fun stuff)
Flickr II: (more artistic stuff)

I'm really digging Instagram too and you can find me on there under bHillton.

And lastly, if you ever dug my old website and this here blog - feel free to check in on me on my Tumblr page.  I don't get quite as introspective there, but a lot of my photography pops up and so do pics of sexy type men wearing little to no clothing.

So this isn't a goodbye, it's just a redirection into a new direction.  Like I said, no plans to get rid of my LJ... I'm just not going to be using it in quite the same way or quite as often.

Much xoxo's n' gay shit like that.

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17 October 2010 @ 08:46 pm
On Friday night I got to head out with a bunch of friends to see Jonsi here in San Diego at 4th & B.

For those not familiar, Jonsi is the lead singer of a band called Sigur Ros.  They're a kind of symphonic ephemeral Icelandic collective who create some really wonderful music.

Jonsi's solo album is called Go and I recommend it highly.  In fact, you can stream it for free on his website.

I was able to see him perform live at Coachella this year and was moved to tears during the performance.  It's hard to describe really.  At the time I figured it was a beautiful sunset, good friends, and great music that got the water works in gear, but after last night I know that is only partially true - or better, it's a true byproduct of his music.

Last night, again, surrounded by good friends I was able to get lost in his music again.  I don't think I've heard many bands or been to many shows where I have had such a profound experience.  To feel as if I was lifted it up... And to feel so alive and in the moment - but not alone at all.  There's just so much emotion coming out from the band's performance... and his voice goes right inside of you.

I realize much of what I'm writing will come off as gushing, cliche or just plain lame... but I really don't care if it does.  Friday will long be something I look back on for a smile and a reminder that however bad things can be and how fast they might fall around us - at that moment in time life was quite wonderful.  Shared with friends.

Photos from Friday

Watch Jonsi live online *tonight* at 9pm Pacific or tomorrow On Demand on NPR's website.
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12 August 2010 @ 05:28 pm
Quick Catch Up

LA - Fun
SF - Funner (robhelms and brian and Kris and Chip and Thomas and John and Paul and many others made that easy)
NYC - Monumental

Pride - Meh (worked most of it and made some good money)
Comic-Con - Meh II (enjoyed my time there but it was chaotic and kinda pushy... will still go again though)
Birthday Weekend - Had a great time at the pool party and out at the bar on the 31st but was so hung over it kinda killed my actual birthday on the 1st.  I did get a wonderful present from a good friend and that helped turn what coulda been a really rough day - right around.

Work - Good and gooder.  WOOF! is really becoming a monthly time o' fun.  Michael Carrera is kicking ass as my resident DJ and the bears look to be down with making it part of their routine which is pretty wonderful.  It's like throwing a party each month where I get to serve the booze but I don't really have to clean up or buy anything.  And I get paid!  And I get to make a fun slide-show to play that shows butts, bears, and neat stuff.  And my boss is super happy with the results!

I had a lot of fun making these little advertisements too... and yes, I realize my SF friends were my muses for an SD event but, well - they are so darn'd photogenic...


Other is quite good.  See, I'm getting more into photography and I'm pretty happy with the results.  So much so that I tossed $80 into the void to take part in Hey Hot Shot!'s photo competition.  I know I don't really have a shot (punny) but I figured it'd just be cool to go for it and that  the experience of critically thinking about my work and trying to organize it and make it presentable for judging would be good for me.  I had some keen eyes helping me out and for that I'm thankful.  Anyhow, here are my submissions (you might have seen them on Facebook or Flickr already):






The idea behind this collection had to do with the concept of isolation.  Be it that of the subjects or of my own isolation from them and from the city I was in (NYC).  My thanks to Matt for making a key comment that helped me to better define my focus and to Ray for some really wonderful advice (and to JP, Rob, Reid and Mike too).

I'm excited about the photos and about doing more in the future.  It's great to have a different kind of creative outlet.  If you wanna see all my "artistic" photos from NYC you can check 'em out my artsy new Flickr page (bHillton).
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05 August 2010 @ 02:17 pm
Slow start today but it's off to prove to the local authoraties that I completed my online traffic school so they can take points of my license for rolling through a stop sign.  Sometimes I really loath being one of the soon to be forgotten masses...

(now how do I tag this so it just shows up on Face Book?)
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28 March 2010 @ 10:59 am
And so should you...
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24 March 2010 @ 03:41 pm
A friend came into the bar last night.  I hadn't seen him in a few weeks so it was nice to get to chat with him a bit.  At one point in our conversation he said "I've been reading your Facebook lately... Do you know what a good writer you are?"

Now, I'm not good at taking compliments -which is odd because I tend to want them constantly or at least validation of some sort - but his compliment meant a lot to me.  I've had a few other people (Rondelli, you especially) tell me that I should stop fucking around and start writing but I just don't know where/how/what/when to begin.

I know it's all about discipline and I'm considering doing some free form stuff - perhaps some poetry just to dust off the parts of the brain that are used to writing a sentence or two into Twitter or Facebook.  But discipline is a lot like work and work is... well hard...

I've wanted to be a writer all my life.

Of course, I realize that in writing this very entry I'm guilty again of the "saying" part of living.  I'm so damn good at the saying part.  It's the "doing" part of living that seems to be tricky for me to master.

No need to give me encouragement or ra ra's - I'm not looking for cheer-leading or hugs.

Just thought this would be a good place to update what's on my mind today.
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09 March 2010 @ 01:07 pm
Bleh, I'm such a Facebooker now.  It's embarrassing...

But I like knowing LJ is here when I need it.

What's been going on?

SF IBR - Yaaay
ATL Muse with Tim and Frank - Fucking Super Yaaay
Work - Mostly Yaay (I miss Sundays at the Hole with the boys)
Love Life - Existing in a mostly Yaay realm with signs of improvement
Social Life - Kinda bleh... Been off my game of late and probably just need a good fuckin' to get back on track
Music - So far out of the loop right now.  But the Muse show was amazing and I look forward to Bad Religion this month and Coachella next.
Books - Reading Chuck K's latest and digging it
TV - Lost, Survivor, Amazing Race, Ricky Gervais Show, HIMYM, Ugly Betty - missing an Ep of Dexter so have to hold off 'til they do reruns to get it (or until iTunes stocks it).
Finances - Damn car took a bite out of my "debt free in 2010" plans but I'm still on target. Gotta do my taxes this week to really find out
Toys - I want to buy a new point and shoot before Coachella but dunno if it's in the budget. I did get a blender (wee)
Health - Strong like bull minus my back. Went to the Doc for a physical and I just gotta eat better and be more active (wow, what a surprise there). All my levels are about where they're supposed to be other than Uric Acid (yaay potential for gout!) so that's where the eating better comes in.  Taking a bunch of new vitamins n' stuff to help too.
San Diego - Still love it here even though I'm not getting out as much as I'd like
Work pII - WOOF monthly Happy Hour has been going really well!
Movies - Alice was very blah, what a letdown.  But I guess it's my fault for thinking Tim Burton is anything that he isn't.  His movies really have become a coin toss.  For every Pee Wee, Nightmare, Ed Wood we are given we also have to take a Willy Wonka, Planet of the Apes, or Alice.  I also saw Shutter Island and thought the score was horrendous and that it would have made a better video game than a movie.

Ok folks... there ya have it.

oh yeah, Z is coming at the end of the month (mother fucking hells yaaay squared)
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09 January 2010 @ 06:01 pm
Yesterday was a pretty kick ass day...

Started out with some cuddles n' junk with Dan.  We then met up with some of the guys to wish Mikey a happy final day of unemployment.  I'm a little over Babbo Grande (crepes) but Lynn who works there and the rest of the staff are so cool to us it's hard to not keep going in even when the food isn't quite where you want it to be.  Sitting with friends always makes up for squishy crepes.

After saying goodbye to Dan and picking Matt up from my new haircut guy (he rocks!) we went on the great Throwback Pepsi quest of 3pm on a Saturday and met with some success.  I picked up 9 12 packs of delicious sugar filled Pepsi and celebrated it by watching Big on my couch and eating Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.  It was like being 17 all over again.

That night I picked up Mikey and Matt and we headed to Top of the Park.  A bunch of the bears were out and it was a great pre-cocktail before meeting Mike Ryan (in town - first time to meet him) and heading to Zensei for truly awesome sushi.  Being with Matt and Mike again is something I can't quite put into words.  When we're all together (and lubricated) it's just this assembly line that builds awesome.  We all agreed that not having Z along was a bummer but we kept our chins up and enjoyed having Mike R. with us - he's a lot of fun!

After a quick stop at my pad we went down to Pecs for some socializin'.  The bar was going off!  Lots of guys - there was even a line to get in at one point which is pretty crazy for a non-holiday Friday.  I ended up meeting two bears from Texas - Bryan and Jeff and spent most of the night just flirtin' and having a good ol' time.  These boys were a hoot!  Bryan even let me tease on him for spelling his name wrong (never trust a Brian with a "Y") and we had a kick butt night with Brett from TN and a bunch of the SD boys.  After huggin' them goodnight I slept like a stone - one happy Bear.

So after a nice lazy afternoon I'm about to suit up and meet some of the gang out for dinner.  We're all dressing up for the heck of it and I'm looking forward to seeing my friends in their finery.  I'm going with the suit and tie combo I wore to my cousin's wedding.  I'm takin' my point and shoot so you can expect some photos for sure.  After I think I'll go back to Pecs and laugh it up with those handsome Long Horns some more.

Hope you're weekend is going well too!

Thankfully this was posted to LJ too...Collapse )
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So I was getting rid of Blackra1n on my iPhone and I figured doing a full reset from the Setting menu would do the trick.  Well, two and a half hours later my phone was still going at it and I had to leave to work.  I did my entire shift without a phone and while I almost panic'd once or twice I actually survived.  In fact, I was forced to interact with people for entertainment far more than usual and I think I might just be leaving my phone in the storeroom more often.  Imagine, actually talking with people at a bar makes them hang out at your station longer.  What a concept!

Anyhow, I got home expecting to be ready to plug and play yaay but instead I got frozen screen oh noo'z.  I went with the tried and true hard reset (home+power) and got that lovely silver apple but then after a minute or so the little anus winky workin' wheel stopped winding it's way around.  So I hard reset again... No dice.  Hmmm.  So I plugged it into my computer and hard reset... No dice...

slight panic

 followed by euphoric moment where I envision *having* to get a 3GS because some mean person at AT&T won't take my jailbroken phone. Yaaay--er, I mean Oh No!

But then I just reminded myself that the Internet, if prayed to correctly in the form of a hail google full of pr0nz, can answer such requests.  Sure enough, I found my answer here.

All I had to do was open iTunes, plug my phone in while holding the home key (alone) and wait for it to pop the plugin screen.  From there I could restore it from a previous backup.  Of course, as usual not all my apps are alive on this restore but I think I can remember most of 'em.

Soooooo, if you ever get a frozen apple on the boot screen repeatedly now you know how to get around it with a forced restore too.
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